The Hierarchical Data Modeling Framework

HDMF is a Python package for working with standardizing, reading, and writing hierarchical object data.

HDMF is a by-product of the Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) project. The goal of NWB was to enable collaborative science within the neurophysiology and systems neuroscience communities through data standardization. The team of neuroscientists and software developers involved with NWB recognize that adoption of a unified data format is an important step toward breaking down the barriers to data sharing in neuroscience. HDMF was central to the NWB development efforts, and has since been split off with the intention of providing it as an open-source tool for other scientific communities.

If you use HDMF in your research, please use the following citation:

A. J. Tritt et al., “HDMF: Hierarchical Data Modeling Framework for Modern Science Data Standards,” 2019 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2019, pp. 165-179, doi: 10.1109/BigData47090.2019.9005648.