How to Update Requirements Files

The different requirements files introduced in Software Process section are the following:


requirements.txt of the project can be created or updated and then captured using the following script:

mkvirtualenv hdmf-requirements

cd hdmf
pip install .
pip check # check for package conflicts
pip freeze > requirements.txt

rmvirtualenv hdmf-requirements


Any of these requirements files can be updated using the following scripts:

cd hdmf

# Set the requirements file to update

mkvirtualenv hdmf-requirements

# Install updated requirements
pip install -U -r $target_requirements

# If relevant, you could pip install new requirements now
# pip install -U <name-of-new-requirement>

# Check for any conflicts in installed packages
pip check

# Update list of pinned requirements
pip freeze > $target_requirements

rmvirtualenv hdmf-requirements


Minimum requirements should be updated manually if a new feature or bug fix is added in a dependency that is required for proper running of HDMF. Minimum requirements should also be updated if a user requests that HDMF be installable with an older version of a dependency, all tests pass using the older version, and there is no valid reason for the minimum version to be as high as it is.

These minimum requirements are used by which replaces “==” with “>=”.