hdmf.backends.utils module

Module with utility functions and classes used for implementation of I/O backends

class hdmf.backends.utils.WriteStatusTracker

Bases: dict

Helper class used for tracking the write status of builders. I.e., to track whether a builder has been written or not.


Mark this builder as written.


builder (Builder) – Builder object to be marked as written


Return True if this builder has been written to (or read from) disk by this IO object, False otherwise.


builder (Builder) – Builder object to get the written flag for


True if the builder is found in self._written_builders using the builder ID, False otherwise

class hdmf.backends.utils.NamespaceToBuilderHelper

Bases: object

Helper class used in HDF5IO (and possibly elsewhere) to convert a namespace to a builder for I/O

classmethod convert_namespace(ns_catalog, namespace)

Convert a namespace to a builder

  • ns_catalog (NamespaceCatalog) – the namespace catalog with the specs

  • namespace (str) – the name of the namespace to be converted to a builder

classmethod get_source_name(source)

source (str) – source path